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Renovations for white and light

When they entered their house for the first time, Patrick and Natasha had no intention of buying. Chaos and crud seemed to be what was holding up the roof. But, because of their mutual passion for cooking, it was the minuscule size of the kitchen that was the worst part.

A bright and functional kitchen.

The house had been built in 1986 and the kitchen had never been updated. In fact, like the rest of the house, it was rather run down.

The 1986 kitchen was severely outdated.

“Our real estate agent and my parents, who are all way more experienced at renovating houses than we are, really tried to show us the potential,” Patrick says. “For the price after renovations, we could’ve had a newer house but not one that was as big.”

The die was cast. They bought the house and, with the help of Patrick’s parents, started a near complete renovation of the house.

Patrick and Natasha wanted a modern and minimalistic look with as much natural light as possible. The natural coloured maple floors were installed and most walls were painted white. The kitchen, which was made larger to take up almost double the space it had previously taken, followed the same style.

For the custom white Shaker cabinets, Patrick and Natasha chose angular hardware in brushed nickel. For the backsplash, the tiles chosen were a kind of elongated Subway tile with a light undulated texture. Seeing as there was an abundance of white in the kitchen, it was necessary to incorporate touches of colour: laminated countertops in faux concrete were chosen and, for the island, a cherry butcher block.

Pull-out and built-in garbage cans.

Patrick and Natasha’s new custom kitchen meets all their needs. The immense island has loads of storage on both sides and even hides the microwave. The pull-out garbage is perfectly located just beside the main work area so there is never a wasted step.

Elsewhere in the kitchen, deep and sturdy drawers offer ample space to neatly organise everything. This is the only reason that, at the insistance of Patrick, two drawers were sacrificed to make room for his cookbook collection.

Patrick’s cookbook shelf.

Patrick and Natasha’s house is now far from the one they’d seen during their first visit. And the kitchen, for her part, is the ideal spot for these gastronomes who now spend entire days in their bright and beautiful kitchen.