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5 things to do in Rockland while visiting our showroom

Our new custom cabinetry showroom, just minutes outside of Ottawa.

We’ve revamped our showroom to provide you with all the inspiration you need for your next custom cabinetry project. If you’re planning a new construction or a renovation and you’re anywhere in the Ottawa area, you really need to come see us. And since you’ll already be in Rockland, here are the 5 other things to do!

1. Go golfing

With a whopping 27 holes, the Rockland Golf Club is one of the finest in the Ottawa area. It’s the perfect place to ponder over everything you saw in the Potvin showroom!

2. Indulge in pizza and poutine

Did you hear about the guy who visits CHEO in a Batman suit and a lamborghini? He owns a pizza shop in Rockland that makes some pretty original concoctions. Have you ever had a curly fry poutine with deep-fried curds? How about a grilled cheese pizza?

3. Explore the Larose Forest

The nearby Larose Forest covers 18,000 acres! Depending on the time of year you’re visiting, it’s the perfect place to do some hiking, cycling, bird watching, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

4. Attend a hockey game

Rockland is home to the Canadian International Hockey Academy. The caliber of these games is off the charts!

5. Return to the Potvin showroom

You’ve finally come to the realisation that Potvin is the best place to launch your new custom cabinetry project. When do we get started?