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4 things that can wreck your granite countertops

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As if it weren’t enough that granite countertops are beautiful and ultra durable, they also increase the value of your home! But if you’re considering granite for your next custom cabinetry project, here are some tips to make sure you don’t wreck them.

1. Heat
Granite is tough but it can also crack or discolor if you keep placing hot pans directly on the countertop. You’ve splurged to buy this beautiful, natural stone. Spend a few extra bucks for a few trivets or mats.

2. Abrasive materials
Granite is virtually scratch proof. The key word here is virtually. If you clean your granite countertops with steel wool or, for some reason, think it’s a great idea to set up a snooker table in your kitchen, you may end up with some ugly scratches. So, you know, be gentle.

3. Food
Lemon juice, coffee, tea and red wine shouldn’t stain your granite countertops. However, if you let a spill sit there overnight or till you return from your holidays in Mexico, you may end up with a stain. Promptly wipe up any spills. It’s just basic cleanliness, really.

4. Oil
Yeah. We know. Oil should go under food in the previous number. But compared to nearly any other food, oil is especially bad for granite countertops. Pots and frying pans with oil on the bottom should never be placed directly on granite. If it does happen or if you’ve got a kitchen oil spill, blot the oil then clean with mild soap and warm water. As a last resort, for a really stubborn stain, you can concoct a paste of baking soda and water which you then spread thickly on the countertop. Cover it with plastic wrap, let sit for 48 hours and then remove the paste with a spatula and water. Whatever you do, never use lime removal products or cleaning products that contain ammonia.